Updated 29 October 2019

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At this important time of the year I often reflect on the outstanding and transformational work and faithful commitment that makes Mothers’ Union the unique organisation it is. We never shy away from the difficult and are always on hand to support those most in need. Since I assumed office as Worldwide President, I have been reading and listening to numerous stories of the way our work is impacting and transforming families and communities. This has given me a deeper appreciation for our incredible love for Mothers’ Union, our creative way of working and our generous spirit of giving. I am thankful for every member and supporter that makes this difference possible.

As I think of you all and admire the Easter eggs and cards on my coffee table, I am reminded of my own childhood days at Eastertime in the city of Georgetown.  How quickly time has flown! After the long hours in church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, my brothers and I would eagerly anticipate the packing of a delicious picnic basket by our parents and off we would go to the National Park or Seawall to fly our kites.  As children kite flying always gave us something to look forward to during the holidays, and for the teachers a delightful essay topic.

It was only when I had my own family that I realised Easter is much more than picnics and flying kites. It gives us the assurance of God’s amazing gift and hope of eternal life.  This good news brings meaning to our lives and gives us the courage to look forward with confidence and enjoy the incredible journey which God has prepared for us.

May Easter 2019 be a time of sharing and blessing others. As our seasons change we move forward with hope in our heart, the gift of hope is a powerful one and allows a future beyond all we could ask or imagine.  

With love and blessings

Sheran Harper

Mothers' Union Worldwide President

Our World Wide President’s Easter Message