Updated 29 October 2019

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Ijesha North - Nigeria

A letter from the President of MU in Ijesa North Diocese to our president, Aurea Hart.

Dearly Beloved,

The blessing of the Almighty God be multiplied upon you and yours now and

always. Amen. Precious Easter season to you and yours.

I write to acknowledge with delight, the Easter greetings card and other

correspondence you sent to the President of Mothers’ Union. Thanks and God

bless you.

Please, be informed that upon reaching the age of seventy, the Rt. Rev. Titus

& Mrs Mope Fajemirokun retired from active service in May 2015 and a new

Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr Isaac Oluyamo was elected, consecrated and enthroned to

replace them. To this end, please, note that Mrs Margaret Oluyamo is the

current President of Mothers’ Union of Ijesa North Diocese. Kindly bear with

me for just sending this information.

We shall continue to appreciate the work of Mrs Mope Fajemirokun and the

good relationship you shared. We trust that this will continue.

Yours in His glad service,

Margaret Oluyamo (Mrs)

Mama I jesa North

"I can do all things through Christ  who strengthens me."