Updated 29 October 2019

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God,  you taught that we should love our enemies. But how hard it is to love those who have killed our husbands and abducted our children/ raped and mutilated our sisters, leaving us destitute, our hope shrivelled like corn during a drought, its growth stunted before it could reach its potential.

Loving God, we pray that you will strengthen all who work for peace especially women who have suffered the ravages of war, oppression and violence yet still work for reconciliation, proclaiming peace and justice for all. We pray that the Church may become a prophetic witness for peace, and that governments may find the compassion, strength and courage to challenge unjust and violent structures.



*Violence against women, including rape, is used as a weapon of war

*Women suffer the greatest during war but are the key to achieving sustainable peace

*Women work within and across communities to create positive change; they must be recognised as integral to formal peace processes

*Education is the most important factor in achieving gender equality and in turn conflict prevention and peace building

*The Church must bring pressure to bear on governments to advance women's status politically, economically and socially.