Updated 29 October 2019

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Local Membership. Anyone wishing to join the MU in Bristol Diocese needs to find a branch. Branches are based at churches within Deaneries.

If you wish to see the branch structure click this link  FIND A DEANERY and you will see the relevant branches listed. To obtain contact details for a particular branch please phone our president Aurea Hart on 01225 891 453 aurea.hart@gmail.com

Diocesan Membership. If you are interested in joining MU but you are unable to attend a branch meeting then Diocesan membership may be for you!

You will

* Receive a copy of our Families Worldwide magazine which contains resources for prayer and action.

* Receive information about our projects locally and nationally via email.

* Be invited to the AGM and Council meeting which are usually held on Saturdays.

* Be able to attend any of the services or events as listed on the Diary of Events on the website.

* Be able to subscribe to our bi monthly magazine with uplifting news, personal stories, games, arts and crafts and puzzles for all the family to enjoy.  

Annual membership is the same as a branch member which is currently £21.00 for 2017

This money supports our work in the Diocese and at Mary Sumner House our HQ in London.

For further information please email lynncrewmu@outlook.com

          If you wish to send us information, articles pictures etc. for this website please contact Chris. Hart, Marshfield, on 01225 891453. hart.cjc@gmail.com

National MU website http://www.themothersunion.org