Updated 29 October 2019

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Christ Church Downend

Downend Branch and their link with Kumi, Uganda

Jan Bacon is a member of MU Downend Branch and she and her husband have been volunteering with Mission Direct, leading and preparing summer practical mission trips with teams of volunteers who give up two weeks or so to build classrooms and work to improve other facilities in the small community of Kumi.  In particular they have been involved with improving the facilities at the Mothers’ Union Hostel for girls there, so that the girls may live on site as they do their vocational training.  This means that the girls, who are already potentially vulnerable, do not have to travel to receive training.

Remedial work has started on the hostel and so far the ceiling of the main house has been cleaned, work to fumigate the building, make metal door frames and build a secure chain link perimeter fence for the girls’ safety as well as keeping animals out has been completed.  The Trustees at their last meeting agreed to donate £500 from Diocesan funds (money which has been designated for assisting projects in other countries) and the photos show  Jan handing over the money to Catherine (MU Diocese Kumi) along with the contractor Patrick, plus Jan at the MU Mothering Sunday Service and other members arriving!

Just received…..

Greetings Richard and Jan.

I pray this finds you in good health.

We have done the work at the Hostel by God's grace with the following to report;-The new metallic door frames are all in place with the shutters re anchored.

We have finished applying undercoat paint in the designated places except inside the rooms.

The water tank is installed and working with gutters and a water drawing pipe with a tap fixed.

The wiring inside the building has been done with lighting points fixed.

We have done the cleaning thus making the building ready for use.

Thank you

From Patrick

Mothers’ Union Hostel for girls

Jan handing over the money to Catherine (MU Diocese Kumi)

New Fascia Board in Place

Reception in Undercoat Paint

Water Tank Installed

Rear gutters in Place

Painted Corridor

Painted Corridor with Gate