Updated 19 November 2018

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 Action & Outreach Projects in the Bristol Diocese


This Diocesan Project has enjoyed an exciting varied summer and has given an amazing number of families a happy time with good memories. This year we have done a more varied AFIA and more Deanery members have been involved which is really encouraging. Unfortunately, this summer Bristol and South Gloucestershire junior and senior schools broke up at the same time 2 weeks before Wiltshire schools. At the time of our booking the coach firm had not received the Wiltshire contract for the summer term and it was 3 weeks before departure that it was realised that we had to re arrange our plans for the Weston-s-Mare days out. The weather compensated and everyone had sun and sea! Kings Meadow from Kingswood Deanery was the only group that went on their original booked day and almost filled a 70 seater coach this year. Thank you to Janet Donnelly and their leader Jane for an exceptionally well organised day.  Safeguarding, Health and Safety and care of families and coach was worry free. The RISE project took 210 children and adults to Weston-s-Mare during the first week of August on 3 separate days. Everyone had a great time and two 6yr old boys never having seen the sea before were so overcome with excitement they rushed in the sea fully clothed that the leader had to make a hasty dash to the nearest charity shop for replacement clothes! The Calne RISE Project which is in Salisbury Diocese was provided with a day out by the Local Rotary Club having learnt what was happening with the MU in Chippenham. As you read from Ann’s report Swindon went the third week of August for the day with a totally different group this year. All families on the day’s out received a cash donation from the MU this year because working alongside these folk we know that poverty has increased and the decision was made to ensure every family would be able to have at least ice creams. The coaches were £350 each day for the 70 seater coaches from our usual coach company but unfortunately they were unavailable for the Swindon trip and as we had taken 2 coaches in 2017 and were and could have filled another from the area we booked the maximum number of seats for most economical cost which was a 90 seater coach for £800 which will we hope be a one off. The Weston pier owner was great and instructed the security staff of all changes several more than once. This year I printed the cards for entrance different colours for the different days which worked better. She was also very aware of the safeguarding issues realising we did have vulnerable children within our groups.