Updated 21 November 2018

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Since taking up the position of Action & Outreach Coordinator in June of this year I have endeavoured to familiarise myself with the complexity, yet excitement of this new role, for me.

As yet I have not managed to engage with all projects running in the Diocese but as will be seen later in my report, that is all in hand.

So herewith actions and outcomes to date:

I have had a meeting with Aurea to both understand the role more fully; to understand the origin/history of projects running at this present time; to understand the process of identification of new projects;  also to share my thoughts for the future of this Coordinator role and some plans that may be possible to instigate (to raise the profile of Mothers Union and to engage more with local communities;to talk about the way forward to maintain projects and enable them to continue into the future.

Cathedral Welcomers: I attended the annual meeting where I met Barbara and Cathedral staff. It was very informative to hear all that is going on at the Cathedral. I was interested too, to hear that it is not only Mothers Union members who are Welcomers. I have been a Welcomer in the past but realise although eager to join in, that I must spread myself thickly (rather than thinly) across all projects to be successful.

Ashfield and Horfield Prisons:

I attended the social tea and cake session where I made initial contact with the volunteers and Chaplain staff at Ashfield Prison. I am keen to help here too and have my first volunteer shift with Barbara on the 15th of this month. With Mary's advice I have ordered and received 1000 Christmas cards for Mary Sumner House for all residents of both prisons. I too have the 600 written cards for Horfield that were unable to be delivered Christmas 2017. I have made a link with the Chaplain at Horfield prison through one of our Church Wardens and have confirmed a date for delivery of those. As yet I need to understand who writes the Ashfield cards. Again I have been involved in this action in the past but now need to liaise with Barbara for this next part of the process.

Malcom X centre Refugees:

I was able to undertake a huge shop for the refugees with Mary so am fully aware of items needed and approximate spend undertaken. We successfully delivered goods which gave me the opportunity to meet Moira who is our direct liaise. Moira works Wednesday mornings. I have also learned as a result that they are in need of slim men clothes for their free shop and other household items such as pots and pans, cutlery etc. I am making collections amongst family and friends to help with this but would like to put the development of this to you for further consideration.


I am fully aware of knitting projects that happen and the restrictions on wool.I probably need to support Pam a little more in the distribution of items.

Friends for Parents:

I have some knowledge of this and would like to offer my congratulations to Gill Wilding too.


set a date to meet all project leaders together (I know there are more projects than those listed here) in order that we can set up some times for visits and planning meetings to address issues and/or ways forward, too.

Meet with the treasurer to understand finance processes etc

Understand the Christmas card process.

Visit all projects and understand more about them.

To help as and where and when I can.    

 Action & Outreach Report

 - Rachel Williamson