Updated 19 September 2018

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Friends for Parents News

Bristol 10k Run 2017

Rob Wilding took part in the Bristol 10k event on 7th May in aid of the Bristol MU Project Friends for Parents volunteers at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

One of the things Friends for Parents do is to provide coffee and tea to the Parents’ Rooms in the hospital – just as any friend would offer to give a comforting drink to their friend who is anxious or worried - so that parents can make themselves a drink at any time of day or night. Mothers’ Union members have over the years given their support by donating coffee and tea, by making individual contributions or having fund-raising coffee mornings, lunches or other events or asking for jars of coffee as presents for a special birthday or anniversary.  

Rob who is a nurse living in Manchester and a son of Gill Wilding, the Friends for Parents co-ordinator, has taken part in the Bristol 10k for the last 4 years and each year has asked for donations in kind - of coffee or tea – as sponsorship for Friends for Parents and so far, a week after the run, he has had 14,885 teabags and 13 kilos of coffee given. This has come from, as well as MU members, other groups such as toddler groups, a choir, a walking group a History Group and others who have heard about this Mothers’ Union project.


Families so appreciate this provision of drinks and often leave little notes of thanks in the Parents’ Rooms such as ‘Words aren’t enough to say how much this little refuge helps  – just to be able to take 5 and give ourselves some strength with a cup of tea is so important. Thank you.’

Friends for Parents are always pleased to receive donations of coffee and tea throughout the year – or any suggestions of different ways to augment the supplies of coffee and tea - and the team and the families at the hospital send many thanks to those who have contributed already.

Rob, the runner with Gill, the spectator, before the run