Updated 19 November 2018

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The RISE Project

We have just had an exceptionally busy time with families needing help. One weekend recently we helped find a complete home for a family of Mother and 4 children under 5 and another due the next week that the father had gone missing obviously unable to cope. The Salvation Army that run the Food Bank in Chippenham closed for the month of August because lack of helpers which left many of our families without food. The situation was rescued by the Vicar of the most affected Parish who on returning from his holiday immediately set up providing food. A contribution from our RISE Project Fund was made to help buy food. It is most encouraging that some of our families now having second and third babies have good relationships and lovely families and really have to thank the help and support they have received from the project that has sent them in the right direction. The Trusts lead worker that we have been enjoyed working with for 7 years is leaving in October and will certainly be missed by the families and us.