Updated 19 November 2018

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 Gympanzees was an amazing success. As far as I know everyone who used it thought it was wonderful. Great facilities for disabled children/ young adults whether it be the gym, sensory room, soft play, trampolines, indoor play or music room. Pam told me that the family who used it from Marshfield were very impressed as we were when we took our granddaughter. The staff were so welcoming, friendly and caring and professional. Because of the amount MU donated the MU logo was on the banners situated around the school site. Any money that wasn't used will go towards another pop up at Easter 2019. Stephanie Wheen (physiotherapist) who spearheaded the project, is in the South West finals for an Enterprise award. She deserves to win for all her dedication and hard work. She and her team are extremely grateful for MU's donation. Find out more on www.gympanzees.org or on Facebook.

The Bristol Diocese supported this holiday project for disabled children at Emerson’s Green as part of AFIA. This was set up within 3 weeks and they raised £65,000 to do it. Disabled children and their siblings came together from over the South West and on arrival were allocated one health professional and one disabled carer per disabled child and the suggestion to the parents that they went for refreshment. A seven year old very disabled lad went from our village and the difference those sessions he attended meant he didn’t want to leave and his mother made so many friends she felt she had been on holiday and could not contain her praise the caring staff .They are hoping to go live across the UK in 2019 if funding can be obtained.

Knitted Jumpers,hats and blankets 2018 has been a lean year for schools going to developing countries but we are already aware of schools going to Peru, Uganda and Malawi in 2019. Schools delivered for us this year 120 tops plus halts to the orphanage in Malawi that our Branches each contribute £10 a year to allow a very handicapped girl to be accompanied to school by a helper as she was suffering from depression from being at home in the orphanage alone while the other children were at school. Hats were taken to Ghana and a great success, and Chris Dobson is organising hats and jumpers to go to Uganda in October this year. WE DO NOT WANT ANY MORE KNITTED BLANKETS. They are too bulky for visitors to take. Di Henry came recently and we filled her car and she took them to the Seamen’s Mission and we have the same again to go when they need them. Most schools going abroad, usually to give service, give each child five jumpers and a few hats which they pack the day before at school when their luggage is inspected. We still have a quantity of knitted fair isle jumpers knitted by a ninety-five year old member in Gloucester Diocese that we are hoping to get to Nepal shortly. The Downend Church project at Kumi has also had blankets and jumpers. This knitting project was locally grown from supplying the refugees in Vienna before they were ever news and was again helping a local group working with refugees in Calais. It then went Diocese wide and we have also been receiving goods from other Dioceses which has now overtaken demand. I would like to suggest the time is right to downsize and for Deaneries to take ownership for this project that has just outstripped known demand. Every Deanery could enjoy opportunities to liaise with their local community school or businesses that would have opportunities for distribution. Communication skills and storage are the requirements!

Gympanzees and Knitting