Updated 23 May 2017

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Friends for Parents

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 Friends  for Parents team In Action

‘Friends for Parents‘ is a Bristol Diocesan project which was set up in 1987 under the guidance of the then Chaplain of Bristol Children’s Hospital, Charmian Mann. A team of 10 Friends for Parents volunteers is still working in the hospital and still supported very strongly by MU members.

The aim is to try to make things easier for families while their child is in hospital. As Bristol is a regional hospital there are families from a wide area coming for treatment, in an unfamiliar city and they may be without other members of the family or friends to support them. Even if they are local families they appreciate the support friends for Parents can give.

Each volunteer does a fortnight’s duty in the hospital 3 or 4 times a year on a rota basis. During that fortnight the volunteer visits most wards every weekday. The volunteer will listen and talk to families as any friend would do at what can be an anxious and bewildering time, perhaps being with the parents if they feel they need support when their child is having surgery or treatment or giving information on local facilities Often the families appreciate a chat about everyday things not connected with hospital.


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