Updated 05 February 2018

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 Action & Outreach Projects in the Bristol Diocese


AFIA is an example of Mary Sumner’s intention to help needy families. In 2015 three coaches were booked through AFIA by the RISE staff for a day at the seaside. This was for one hundred and fifty parents and children many of whom had never been to the seaside before. The excellent organisation by the RISE staff may be used as a model for Mary Sumner House who see this as a good example of giving many more families hope.The cost was met partly by MU donations and partly by by a large external donation.

The next day we took three coaches of Hartcliffe families to Weston-Super-Mare, made possible by your donations and the generosity of Andrews Coaches.

Mary Head (erstwhile Bristol Diocesan President) and Ursula Copp from Mary Sumner House, responsible for AFIA, attended on both days. It is considered that rather than providing an expensive holiday for just six families, the day out event is preferable since so many more can be involved, refreshed and receiving hope to help themselves.

Thank you to everyone for the support, donations and encouragement that enables us to help so many struggling families.

Pam Mills.                                             Pictures below

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