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Updated 6/1/17

Welcome to our Bristol Diocese Mothers' Union website

Bristol Diocesan President Mrs. Aurea Hart.


The Mothers Union is a charity. We are a diverse group of women (and men) of all ages. Our aim is to perpetuate the life long work of Mary Summer. She was a dynamic woman devoted to giving families in her community a better quality of life. Nowadays the MU helps families throughout the world. Why not visit your local branch and have a chat to discover what the Mothers Union is all about.  Find out more

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Jean Purnell, Marshfield Branch, shows a completed red jersey to go to Malawi in July

The Mothers’ Union celebrates its 140th Anniversary

5,000 Children in the Bristol Diocese have been given the Christmas Story to read by the Mothers’ Union.

The Well Good News of Christmas* 

brings the greatest story ever told to life in this children’s Nativity booklet.  As part of celebrating our 140th Anniversary, The MU in Bristol Diocese gave the Bible Society £1500 towards the cost of 5,000 copies of the booklet and these have all been given to young children, through schools, pre-school playgroups and parent and toddler groups.  Many have gone to organisations that have no connection with the church.  The MU’s hope is that this gift will have helped children to know more about the real meaning of Christmas.