Updated 06 September 2017

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If members are able to send us information, articles pictures etc. for this website please contact Chris. Hart, Marshfield, on 01225 8914533

Arriving for an MU Mothering Sunday Service in Kumi, Uganda

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Aurea Hart

Diocesan President

01225 891 453


THE MOTHERS' UNION thanks you for your visit!

Do you know who we are, what we do, where we are found and our history ?

We are a worldwide Christian charity of women and men.

We support families in need locally and worldwide through prayer and action.

We are usually attached to a church although we need not be C of E.

Some people think we exclude single people and divorced people. Not true.

We welcome men, women, parents, non-parents, grandparents, those who are

married and those who are not – everyone!.

We began in 1876. More

If you visit a church you may spot an MU banner showing that a branch is

attached and carrying the church's name.

On this website you can find out when and where we meet.

National MU website: http://themothersunion.org/

Provincial MU website:http://mucanterburyprovince.onesuffolk.net/

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Welcome to our Bristol Diocese Mothers' Union website

Jessie Lee aged 102 talking to The Diocesan President Aurea Hart at the 2017 Bristol West Mary Sumner Day Lunch held at Horfield Parish Church.