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Welcome to our Bristol Diocese Mothers' Union website

ONE OF OUR MEMBERS, Gill Wilding, has been part of a Mothers' Union project called 'Friends for Parents' at Bristol Children's Hospital ever since it started 31 years ago.  Her dedication has been recognised by a prestigious award as part of the Prime Minster's 'Points of Light' scheme.

She was awarded a national Point of Light Award on July 10th.  The Prime Minister’s daily Point of Light ‘recognises outstanding individual volunteers and people who are making positive changes in their communities.’ This was established over 25 years ago and she is the 949th Point of Light! As it is the 70th birthday of the NHS there are 7 NHS volunteers receiving the award over the days around the birthday and she was the one on 10th July.  She was invited on Wednesday 4th along with the other NHS volunteers  to Number 10 for a Round Table meeting to share experiences with the government dept involved then reception in the garden there. The next day she was invited to go with a guest  to the NHS Celebration in Westminster Abbey at 12 o’clock."


National MU website: http://themothersunion.org/

Provincial MU website:http://mucanterburyprovince.onesuffolk.net/

Do you know who we are, what we do, where we are found and our history ?

We are a worldwide Christian charity of women and men.

We support families in need locally and worldwide through prayer and action.

We are usually attached to a church although we need not be C of E.

Some people think we exclude single people and divorced people. Not true.

We welcome men, women, parents, non-parents, grandparents, those who are married and those who are not – everyone!.  We began in 1876.  More

If you visit a church you may spot an MU banner showing that a branch is

attached and carrying the church's name.

On this website you can find out when and where we meet.

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