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Time to Update Your Home for Spring!

anna 8 March 2021

As the fresh scent of spring is approaching, it’s the season when you look forward to enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. If you are searching for bright ideas to help you update your home for spring, you are in the right place. Here are various quick and easy ways to refresh your home for spring.

1. Change the Heavy Throws

Spring is here, and you have to embrace it by getting rid of the heavy throws and replace them with something light, fresh, and bright. As you welcome this season of the year, you need to refresh your home like how you plan to refresh your wardrobe. That does mean that you have to purchase everything new; even a little lighter touches can create a difference to your room as you plan for yourself. You can opt for cotton, silks, or linen for a much more delicate look. If you prefer switching stuffs up frequently, you can go for a variety of cushions and throws that you can interchange around during spring.

2. Introduce Color & Pattern

Did you know that adding a few touches of color can immediately lighten and brighten your house? Well, that works entirely like magic for spring. You can select a few colorful accent pieces around your room, a bold cushion, or a bright piece of art to add fun and spring vibrancy to your home. However, you don’t have to stick to color alone. You can introduce some patterns to your home by mixing and matching various patterns, textures, and colors. That would help to bring interest and liven up your home.

3. Table Setting

You can embrace bright colors and seasonal florals for table decor. Adding a few pieces of serve ware also does great.

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Plywood Material and How to Use It

anna 8 March 2021

Plywood has long been the material of choice for builders of all types. Whether constructing a new single family home, a tall condominium, or a sweeping office space, plywood is a versatile and useful material in all forms of construction. Because of this, it is widely available and often quite affordable, giving the aspiring interior decorator with a whole range of affordable decor options.

Plywood for decoration

First created in the early twentieth century, plywood is incredibly versatile and popular for both interior and exterior projects. Inside the home, plywood has more recently been seen as a decor item, rather that just serving its usual purpose as an exterior building material. Because plywood is flexible and cheap, it makes for the perfect canvas on which to create fun and inspiring interior designs and decorations. Plywood usually comes in four foot by eight foot panels which can be easily cut to size, installed, and reused.

Plywood for furniture and walls

Plywood looks at home in any room of the house. Whether you create plywood furniture to store all of your living room items, or place it against your kitchen or bathroom walls, plywood looks great in any room. Because the wood has a beautiful yellow and white tone, it livens up every space, and adds some drama to a room with its dark grain. Use it as wall boards in your entrance halls, kids rooms, or guest room to bring a sense of unique style to your home.

Match any piece of furniture with plywood

Plywood is a great design tool for the person looking to bring a mid-century modern look to their space. Because plywood is available in very thin pieces, it is very easy to bend, curve, and shape to provide those sexy curves which are so popular among mid-century modern pieces of furniture. Plywood is also the perfect canvas to achieve your dream wood color.

Give plywood the finish look

One of the main criticisms of using plywood for decor is that it provides an un-finished look. A simple fix to this problem is to provide it with a beautiful stain and varnish.Despite its naturally beautiful finish, a simple layer or two of your favorite varnish can bring out your dream wooden tone in any piece of plywood. Simply construct or position your plywood into your ideal position, and then paint one or two layers of your favorite varnish to achieve the person natural wood look in your space.

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Who Are the Top Online Furniture Retailers?

anna 8 March 2021

Shopping online has become safe, timely, and convenient, encompassing everything from groceries, clothing, and even furniture. The best online furniture stores offer style variety to select from along with a user experience that trumps over physical locations. There are shortcomings to ordering furniture online, such as being inundated with counterfeits or taking delivery of inferior pieces. However, e-retailers stock reputable brands that you know and some that are new to you, all with consumer-oriented return policies.

If you’ve always done online shopping, you’ll know that the marketplace is highly competitive, especially for the home & living segment. Overwhelming options notwithstanding, the best online furniture stores remove the guesswork, assisting you to pick pieces according to style, functionality, and décor. The top players when you are meandering on the internet looking to acquire or replace any piece of furniture include;


Design quality at a low price is what IKEA has provided through the years, and that is also apparent in their online store. With prices starting at less than 10 dollars, these Swedish furniture maestros offer an easy-to-use site that gives shoppers the capacity to design any space using the pieces considered for purchase. IKEA delivers furniture items within a week with affordable shipping, and you can get in-home-set-up assistance upon request. Their return policy allows you to get a replacement or refund within three months of buying the item.


If you are a student, you’ve got little time and even fewer funds to worry about dorm furniture style and décor. Enter Dormify, helping college-goers design their dorm rooms with a digital visualizer that picks up furnishing inspirations that best fit your style. This online furniture retailer will deliver pieces within two business days and offers free shipping for orders above a specified amount. If you are not happy with your dorm room set-up, you have up to 60 days to return for a replacement or full refund.


Your friendly neighborhood Tylko can always be relied on for quality and low pricing, especially in their online furniture division. This e-commerce trailblazer has a segment with design inspirations and editorial style-ups that augment your furniture buying experience. Tylko’s online furniture can be delivered within two days if you so choose and you’ll get free shipping for purchases above a set amount. You can also return pieces within three months for a replacement or full refund.

The best online furniture stores collaborate with manufacturers and designers to inspire your living space with everything from doormats to bathroom pieces. You can select furniture by style, room, and color décor, plus their sites offer fluent customer care that irons out any issues.

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